Cookies policy

Sometime Suyara™ applications ( domain) store in your web browser one or more cookies to help provide you with a correct browsing experience and also allow Suyara™ to improve its applications.
More specifically, Suyara™ applications uses cookies for the following purposes:

1) System Cookies.
Suyara™ website may places cookies on user browser or device to make navigating the website easier.
These cookies are used to allow the website to remember choices you made and provide for enhanced, more personal features.

2) Analytics.
For more informations about Analytics please see the chapter “Suyara™ Analytics” of the Terms of Service statement here
The cookies placed by Google on user device are used to collect certain information, such as the date and time that a user visits Suyara™ website, the number of times a user has visited Suyara™ website and the website that has directed the user to the Suyara™ website.
More information on the use of cookies by Google Analytics can be found on Google’s website (

User is free to clean cookies using third-party tools or the tools provided by the web browser.
System Cookies are important to correctly use the Applications of the domain, if user delete the cookies from the web browser or device, may not be able to use the full functionalities provided by the Applications.