Law enforcement

Suyara™ fully cooperates with Law Enforcement agencies in prosecution for illegal acts.

Service Suspension and Data Erase

Sign Up for an account and upload content to Suyara™ Platform Services implies that you comply and agree to Suyara™ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy statement.

Anyone (Personal or Business account) not in compliance or that violate Suyara™ Terms of Service or Privacy Policy may be fall in account suspension and permanently data erase.
Suyara™ reserves the right to terminate user access to all Services at any time and for any reason without prior notice or liability.

In the case Suyara™ permanently delete Content for Terms of Service violation, the user is notified by mail, while in the case of repeated Terms of Service violation the user Account will be terminated and all content deleted.

IP Address and Logs

Suyara™ daily logs user informations such as IP addresses, date/time, hard disk storage size per single users, upload size for single files, file and folder location inside the Suyara™ Platform.
This data is primarely used to guarantee uptime, safety and flexibility of the Suyara™ Platform Services.
The data may be also used for Anti-Fraud or Abuse Investigation, and will be shared only with law enforcement agencies in the case of crime prosecution for illegal acts.

In the event of crime prosecution for illegal acts we could be requested to collaborate with external agencies/companies, if this happen you will be informed prior to taking any actions with your stored data.


All legal requests have to be submitted to Suyara™ by postal mail at the following address:

Suyara™ Technologies
Via Antonio Vivaldi 20
25123, Brescia Italy

Suyara™ responds to all requests utilizing valid legal process in compliance with Spanish law.


Last revision: 1 June 2016