I can’t find a file or folder! How can I recover them?

Suyara is a Data Storage Platform and our commitment is to provide you with the best Storage service available, unfortunately there is time when a file or folder can go missing. Use this guide to get your files back.

If you’re concerned that someone may have gained unauthorized access to your account, we suggest that you take these measures to protect your account and contact us for further help.

Check your Trash

If you don’t find a file in your Storage area the best place where you can look at first step is the Trash page, click the “Trash” button from the left sidebar menu.

Use the search command

The search box is very helpful specially when you have uploaded many files and need to find what you miss. Just point your mouse in the search box located in the top right of your storage windows and type the name of your file.
You can search in your Drive, Shared Drive or Trash.

I still can’t find my file

Mistakes happen, probably you moved your file or renamed it or accidental deleted, unfortunately we have no control over user stored Data so we cannot recover an accidental deleted file or folder, but we can investigate our logs to understand if:

  • The file or folder was deleted by our Antivirus software.
  • The file or folder was moved to another storage location.
  • The file or folder was never or incomplete uploaded to your Suyara account.

In this case you need to send us a request with the exact name of the missing file or folder.

Business Account

If you are a member of a Company account and you can’t find your file or folder even after search them using the search box, probably your Company Administrator removed them for a reason, in this case we suggest you to contact your Company Administrator to ask for more information’s.