Share your data

With Suyara, you are in full control to share files or folders when you need it, without having to email your documents as attachments.
Sharing is super easy, find below a demonstration:

You can set an expiration date for your shared documents and Suyara will automatically revoke sharing for you on expiration.
  • Sign In to
  • Right click over a file you want to share and click the Share button.


  • Suyara will open the sharing window, depending on your account type (Personal or Business) you could see less or more options.


  • Public Sharing
  • When you select Public, Suyara will generate a unique URL that you can use everywhere you need allowing others to download your file or folder. You can set an expiration date for your files from 24 hours to 30 days.


  • Colleague Sharing
  • If you are a member of a Business account you will find the Colleague Sharing awesome, it allow you to share documents directly with your company colleagues. This feature is different from Public or Mail sharing since works internally and is totally private, infact Suyara doesn’t generate any URL, but instead alert your colleagues that you shared a document with them.
    After Sign In they will find your document inside their Share Hard Drive.


  • Group Sharing
  • As like as Colleague Sharing this feature is a “must have”. Group Sharing allow you with one click to select one or multiple company groups, that your company administrator created, and share documents directly with all members of that group. Like Colleague Sharing also this works internally and is totally private.


  • Mail Sharing
  • Clean, fast and effective, this is Mail Sharing.
    Type the email address of the people you want to share your document with, you can add as many as you like (semicolon separated) in the CC field, complete the Subject and write your message.
    Mail Sharing provide the same Expiration Date tool as Public Sharing, select an expiration limit and send your message.
    That’s it, now Suyara will compose an elegant message together with the URL to download your file.