Suyara SLA

We promise! We deliver!
Suyara™ Platform offer no less than 99.9% SLA to all it’s users.
We know the value of your Data and we understand that you must access it whenever you are at any time.
To make this possible we work daily on performance optimization, hardware and software maintenance, connection routing and balancing and with a close relationship with our Partners that help us guarantee Platform Uptime.

Monthly Uptime Percentage

Of course it could be possible that Suyara will suffer service disruption but we try to do our best to avoid this kind of situations.
At Suyara we have strict Maintenance procedures to minimize downtime when we need to apply software upgrades or Platform fixes this include also hardware failure or upgrade.
A SLA of 99.9% mean that Suyara guarantee no less than:

– Daily: 1m 26.4s downtime
– Weekly: 10m 4.8s downtime
– Monthly: 43m 49.7s downtime
– Yearly: 8h 45m 57.0s downtime

If Suyara does not meet the Suyara SLA, Customer will be elegible to receive a Bonus Coupon equal to the suffered downtime days.