Terms of service

Attention: please read this statement carefully before using suyara.net (this “web site”) and all related services.

Your use of this web site and all applications (collectively called “Suyara™ Platform Services”) offered under the suyara.net domain constitutes your legal agreement (legally binding contract) of this TOS (Terms of service) statement and Privacy Policy.

If you Sign Up for an account, mean that you have read the agreement in his completeness, you have understand the agreement and you agree to all terms listed.

If you do not accept this Terms of service, do not Sign Up for an account or browse this website.

Suyara™ may modify or make revisions to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement which became effective immediately after updating respective pages TOS Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Suyara™ is responsible to notify all registered users upon any changes of both Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement, and you “as a responsible user” are free to continue to use the services or close the account in the case you don’t accept the new Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

General Terms of Service

The applications (here in after “Services”) presented through suyara.com and served through suyara.net website are offered by Suyara™ located at Via Antonio Vivaldi 20, 25123 Brescia, Italy.

Inside the Legal Area of Suyara™ Help Center (http://help.suyara.net) you will find legal statement such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Intellectual Property, Law Enforcement and any other legal notices published by Suyara™ that all together constitutes the entire agreement between you as “the user” and Suyara™ (here in after “The Parties”).

User may use Suyara™ Platform Services as permitted by law understanding that accessing and using Suyara™ Platform Services doesn’t receive any ownership of any intellectual property right. User is not allowed to use any of the content provided by Suyara™ Platform Services “except this content is the property of the user” without Suyara™ written authorisation.

User is fully responsible to use Suyara™ Platform Services only in the way they are offered. User must not try to access Suyara™ Platform Services with other methods or techniques outside the instructions provided.

Suyara™ will suspend user account or permanently remove user data if the user will not comply with our Terms of Service or in the case of an illegal activity, or Abuse of Service, this also include verification asked by third parties such as Local or Government Authorities and Companies, for more information about this look Law Enforcement statement here http://help.suyara.net/knowledgebase/law-enforcement/

Suyara™ don’t send newsletters or other types of advertise communications in the case user have refused to receive such informations.

The user is the sole responsible of the content he upload and made public available through Suyara™ Platform Services.

Terms of Service Assignment

These Terms of Service, and any rights and licenses granted hereunder, may not be transferred or assigned by you, but may be assigned by Suyara™ without restriction.

Privacy and Protection of Personal Informations

Read the Privacy Policy statement here http://help.suyara.net/knowledgebase/privacy-policy/

Billing and Plans

As consideration for the services offered the user shall be obliged to satisfy on-time billing.
In the case of Billing Overdue the account will be suspended, after 10 days of non-payment, Suyara™ will automatically notify the user by mail about service suspension, in the case user refuse to pay after 30 days of Overdue Suyara™ will close the user account and permanently erase all data associated with it.

Suyara™ may changes monthly prices or make plan revisions, alerting all registered users in advance of 30 days and publishing the new plans or prices on http://www.suyara.com/pricing-personal.html and http://www.suyara.com/pricing-business.html

Suyara™ Accounts

To access Suyara™ Platform Services you will need to create a Suyara™ account.
The account is single SSO (Single Sign On) and valid for all Suyara™ Platform Services and Applications.
Is your responsibility to maintain confidential your access informations such as Username and Password.
In the case of a Business account you may be invited by your company System Administrator to open a Suyara™ account understanding that the Administrator can Revoke your access and erase all your data anytime under his own choice.

Access to and use of password protected or secure areas of the Suyara™ Platform Services is restricted to authorized and registered users only. You agree not to share your password(s), account information, or access to the Site. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of password(s) and account information, and you are responsible for all activities that occur under your password(s) or account(s) or as a result of your access to the Suyara™ Platform Services. You agree to notify Suyara™ immediately of any unauthorized use of your password(s) or account(s).

Suyara™ is not responsible for data loss or Service interruption due to Account Revoke executed by your Company System Administrator, if your account has been Revoked you may contact your Company System Administrator.

Suyara™ Refund Policy

Suyara™ offers a ten (10) days money-back guarantee which only applies to the initial charge of a subscription.

Every refund request are handled on a case-by-case basis where Suyara™ analyze the details of Service Usage, purchases, and other factors to determine if a user qualifies for a refund when requested.
If you feel you are due a refund, contact Suyara™ Billing Team by email at billing@suyara.com.

Suyara™ Service Analysis

Suyara™ respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your personal information.
We inform you that Suyara™ uses Google Analytics (a web analytics service provided by Google) overall the suyara.com domain “Corporate and Platform Tour web site”, http://help.suyara.net/ domain “Platform Help Center” and ONLY on https://account.suyara.net/signup domain “Platform Sign Up page”.

Through Google Analytics, Suyara™ understand how different visitors use the suyara.com, Help Center and Sign Up page of suyara.net website. In no case and for any reason Google Analytics is used in account pages (https://account.suyara.net) or inside applications of the suyara.net domain.

For more informations about Cookies please see the chapter “Cookies” of the Privacy Policy statement here http://help.suyara.net/knowledgebase/privacy-policy/

Use of Service and Restrictions

By using Suyara™ Platform Services you agree that you may not alter or modify the Services in any part and for any illegal purpose.
Using third party tools or softwares such as malware applications, offline readers etc, to try in any way to retrieve personal and non-personal user information (data) or damage Suyara™ Platform Services is prohibited and will cause immediate Account Suspension.

Is considered also prohibited uploading any destructive content such as viruses, worms, spywares or files that includes hidden code.
Suyara™ use various protection methods to insure Platform Stability and Service Continuity, if any suspected files is detected it will be automatically deleted and the user Account will be investigated.

Suyara™ will suspend user Account and take necessary actions to collaborate directly with Companies, Legal or Government Authorities in persecution of illegal acts when:

1. Upload or distribute content that violates the rights of others such as infringement of trademarks, secret documents, patents, or any data that violate any intellectual property, privacy and publicity.
2. Upload or distribute defamatory, obscene, pornographic contents.
3. Upload or distribute content that encourages illegal activity.
4. Upload or distribute falsified or manipulated content where you have removed Author copyright or hidden harmful softwares.

Uploaded Content

Uploading any content to Suyara™ Platform Services mean that you full understand to be the solely responsible of it and accept the consequences of uploading, storing and distributing such content through Suyara™ Platform Services. Using or downloading the uploaded content through Suyara™ Platform Services implies that you know the content is provided to you as is.

This mean that if you use or download a content that damage your PC or local network without limitation, Suyara™ is not responsible of the damage, usefulness, safety or intellectual property violation that the Content may cause.

As a responsible user you acknowledge and understand that you can alert Suyara™ in the case you find suspicious content by writing a mail to abuse@suyara.com or use the Abuse form you may find at the bottom of some Service pages in suyara.net domain.

Business account (Companies and Enterprises) are authorised to customise part of the design of some Suyara™ Applications areas this includes but not limit to (header logo, download manager background and bottom right URL inside download manager page).
Suyara™ is not responsible for any damage or content availability that you may experience visiting any external link (outside suyara.net and suyara.com domains).

All plans provide lifetime storage, this mean that until you close your account in no way and for any reason Suyara™ will delete your content.


Suyara™ maintain two copies of every uploaded content, the first copy is the content provided through the Suyara™ Platform Services while the second “Backup Content” is hidden and used to insure service continuity in the only case of System Malfunction, Hardware Damage or other types of disasters that may arise.

If user delete a content mean that is deleting it together with it’s second “Backup” copy, in any case Suyara™ can’t recover a content deleted by the user, this mean that if you permanently delete your content you cannot ask for a recovery.

Protection of the data

Suyara™ mission to protect and safeguard user data rely on strict procedure that we apply inside our Datacenter.
When an Hard Drive reach the End-of-life or suffer a malfunction, the unit will be disconnected from the server node and sent to our Maintenance Department where our technicians will format or try to repair the drive.
If repair of the drive fail it will be destroyed and recycled.

Customer Service

Suyara™ undertakes to provide all customers a free Customer Service available through ticket support. If for any reason you need help using Suyara™ Platform Services or simply need to ask a question we invite you to submit a ticket using the following page http://help.suyara.net/173-2/

Support Team is available 24 hours a day.

Service Suspension and Data Erase

Sign Up for an account and upload content to Suyara™ Platform Services implies that you comply and agree to Suyara™ Terms of Service and Privacy Policy statement.

Anyone (Personal or Business account) not in compliance or that violate Suyara™ Terms of Service or Privacy Policy may be fall in account suspension and permanently data erase.
Suyara™ reserves the right to terminate user access to all Services at any time and for any reason without prior notice or liability.

In the case Suyara™ permanently delete Content for Terms of Service violation, the user is notified by mail, while in the case of repeated Terms of Service violation the user Account will be terminated and all content deleted.

Suyara™ Platform Status

Sometimes you may experience downtime, delays or other types of service disruption, but maybe the issue could be in your local PC/network or a temporary problems with your local ISP (Internet Service Provide) that provide you the Internet Connectivity.

You can check at any time the status of Suyara™ Platform Services by looking this page http://status.suyara.net

Scheduled Maintenance

Suyara™ perform a regular maintenance of its Services and Infrastructure such as but no limited to Hardware testing and verification, Software patches, Network analysis, Performance optimization.

Suyara™ know that a Service Downtime may produce a big impact in your daily operation regardless if you are a Home User, Company or Enterprise customer, for that reason Suyara™ will always try to operate “Nightly Fix” maintenance’s from 23.30pm to 5.00am (CET).

Service Warranty

By approving this Terms of Service statement you agree that Suyara™ Platform Services are provided as is without warranties and the use of such Services shall be at your sole risk.
Suyara™ or any of its third party suppliers warrant that any content available for downloading through the Services will be free of viruses or similar destructive code, you agree as a responsible user to verify the content before downloading and scan it with your local antivirus before opening.

Suyara™ is not responsible or liable for:
1. Any unauthorized access to or alteration of the content you uploaded.
2. Content mistakes or inaccuracy.
3. Personal or third party data damage.
4. Unauthorized access to your account information, you agree as a responsible user to protect your account with strong password and keep your login credentials in a safe place.
5. Any interruption that affect our Services.
6. Any bugs, virus, malware software that maybe transmitted to or through Suyara™ Service.

Limitation of Liability

In no ways neither Suyara™ or any third party supplier will be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages that may arise out of the use or inability to use Suyara™ Platform Services.

In no event will Suyara™ aggregate liability to you or any third party for any and all claims arising out of or in connection with the use of the services exceed one hundred dollars ($100).

The limitation of the damages set forth above are fundamental elements of the basis of the bargain between Suyara™ and you. Some countries and jurisdictions don’t allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages, in this case Suyara™ and its third party suppliers shall be limited to the greets extent of the law.


By agree to this Terms of Service statement you will defend, hold and indemnify Suyara™ and it’s directors, officers, employees and suppliers without limitation against any legal and accounting fees that may arise due to violation of Suyara™ Terms of Service.


Suyara™ brand and the Suyara™ logo are owned and registered trademarks of Suyara™.
All other trademarks or product names that may appear inside the websites (suyara.com and suyara.net) or through the Services are the property of their respective owners.
You may not use or display any trademark or product name without the owner’s prior written consent.
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