Upload your first content

When you work locally on your Mac or PC, you don’t use annoying upload buttons to select which file you want to upload, but instead you simply drag and drop file and folders from one location to another.
It’s simply like that and Suyara offer the same feature.

  • Sign In to the Suyara Platform.
  • Click the Upload button at the top left.


  • Drag your files from your Desktop onto the Suyara Platform upload window.


  • You can drag as many files as you like, Suyara will process five by five and add the others in queue.
  • You can also reduce the upload window and continue to work, this is an awesome feature that allow you to Share, Move content, Preview and do everything else on Suyara without interrupting the upload process, to minimize the upload window simply click on the minimize icon on the top right of the Upload window.
    When the upload window is minimized the upload process continue automatically, if you need to upload more file just click the Upload button again.


  • When upload is completed the files appear automatically in your hard drive.


Depending on your type of account Suyara allow you to upload 20GB per file for a total of 5 concurrent files upload.