Turn off mass surveillance, turn on freedom.


A year after Snowden revelations, Suyara promote “Reset the Net” to turn off mass surveillance and turn on freedom.
We believe that internet is and should remain an open place for the freedom of expression and knowledge of human mankind, a place to share information and opinions without the government oppression.

Since the beginning at Suyara we dedicated all our efforts for security to safeguard your data and your personal informations.

Suyara is a European based Start-up founded by Matia Zanella in September 2013.

Suyara use no less than 8 security layers to safeguard your account, also instead of many of our competitors that rely on Amazon S3 to store your data, we use a private owned Datacenter co-located inside one of the most secure facilities in Europe, Telehouse Frankfurt.

Running a private owned infrastructure guarantee an extra security level since in the event of downtime or hardware failure our technicians are the only ones authorized to carry out the maintenance procedures.
On our servers we run “exclusively” The Suyara Platform, while instead services like Amazon S3 for example are used by millions of companies around the world.

Layer 1
SSL is by default the first protection over the Suyara Platform and we enforced the protocol by supporting just a cipher suite of 128 or 256 bit.

Layer 2
SSL is configured in advanced mode to support forward secrecy, this ensure that every time you connect to suyara.net we generate new encryption keys for you. If a key have been compromised this feature prevents an attacker to decipher the traffic the next time you use The Suyara Platform since the key would be automatically replaced.

Layer 3
When you upload your files or folders to Suyara the data is encrypted during transfer and storage.

Layer 4
As an extra security measure all files and folders stored on the servers are hashed with a unique key generated by your account.

Layer 5
Database informations are stored encrypted.

Layer 6
Business account holders can apply a custom password protection for files and folders on top of the default security.

Layer 7
Master Erase and Master Password are two security layers that operate together to guarantee an extra security defense for your account.
With Master Erase you can delete your entire hard drive content with one click, this feature is of course protected by Master Password, a second password (like Super User) that protect some of the account commands and prevent unauthorized use of them.

Layer 8
You have full control of your data even when you share it. You can choose the link expiration time or the exclusive “One Time Download”, this feature guarantee that the link will expire automatically after the first download. Business accounts also benefit of Colleague and Group sharing, a private sharing mechanism that operate within the Platform without generating any public URL.

To learn more about Suyara security and where Suyara save your data please read this guides in the Help Center:
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Learn more about Reset the Net and how to protect yourself here – https://pack.resetthenet.org/